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used-carThough trading in very easy for your old car, the downside is that you have to settle for a lower value of the vehicle. The determined value is lesser than that you will get if you sell the car yourself. So, basically, if you care about the money more than the time that will be required, then selling the car yourself would be better.

Selling a car yourself means that you’re putting yourself in the market as the seller. The buyers are supposed to contact you and not a dealership. If there is any problem that the buyers face regarding the car, then it is your responsibility to answer them. Selling the car yourself also means interacting with the buyers. You have to find the buyers through advertisements and keep in touch with them and arrange a test drive.

You will be kept in the loop all the time; though it may not be desirable for some, it is essential for a fair deal for the buyer and for yourself. Also, you have the power to set the price. But that does not mean that you can charge any price that you want. Even in your case, what the dealership does for itself, you have to do for yourself. You need to set the price according to the cost of repairs that you may have got done and the cost of such a car in the market.

You can also sell off your cars to us and get fast cash, which is usually more than the trade in value. If you try to sell your car through an agent, and the agent will keep a part of the value received as commission. If interested you can also go ahead and donate your car to charity. We pay the right value for your old car without any hassles of after sale responsibility.

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